If you laptop is overheating, do not leave it on.  Find the cause. It is usually what is in the picture below. Lint has been
the death of many laptop motherboards. When your laptop has been overheating, the video chip is what suffers most.
The video chip can start to lift away from the motherboard if the overheating issue is not resolved. Most laptops have
only one fan to cool both the CPU and video chip in some cases the fan may be failing, but in any case resolve the
overheating issue and do it quickly if you are going to keep using it.

 Complete Laptop and Desktop Repair
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, Reinstall or Repair
  • Outlook file repair
  • Virus Removal (Turn around time usually 3 hours or less)
  • Data Transfer from one Computer to Another
  • Remove Data from computer not working
  • Replace hard Drives
  • Diagnose and Repair Overheating Issues
  • Replace Plastic Parts of all Kinds
  • Replace laptop power socket
  • We build custom Desktop computers
  • We can instruct you on how to build your own Desktop Computer
  • Off site service for Business and Home
  • Remote service available
  • Plus many other services not listed

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